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Yellow Labrador Retriever Stud Service

A K C  Columbia's Colby Agustus  "Gus"

Proudly offering breeding for Healthy athletic build, Calm temperment, and Superior hunting instinct.

AKC Registration # : SN85032705               DNA : #V276315 (Black Factored)

Date Whelped : June 13th, 2001

Height :  24 inches (at shoulder)                Weight : (lean) 87 pounds

OFA Hip Clearance : "Good" # LR-134562G24M-PI

OFA Elbow Clearance : "Normal" # LR-EL19747M24-PI

OFA Heart Clearance : "Normal" # LR-CA910/24M/C-PI

CERF Eye Clearance : "Normal" # LR-36126/2003-24

Gus is an ideally proportionate field lab with an exceptionally short thick yellow coat.  His pedigree is rich with strong field lines and can be viewed on his PEDIGREE PAGE.  He displays a blocky head , broad/deep chest and large webbed paws.  This compliments his natural pointing/retrieving instincts, pleasing temperament and superior nose.  We have listed his accomplishments as a gun-dog on his HUNTING PAGE

Despite Gus's relentless hunting talents, he is a very mild mannered, attentive companion.  He has a wide vocabulary and communicates easily with his handlers.  His dependable temperament is representative of the Labrador Retriever Breed.  Gus is eager to please and friendly toward people of all ages.  We have thoroughly enjoyed Gus both at home and in the field.  We do all of our own training and handling, and his disposition has made life with him easy and fun.

His offspring are now proving themselves in companionship, therapy work, handicapped assistance, upland and waterfowl hunting.  His litters to date have all been healthy stout lively pups at birth, with no birthing problems.  This year we offer the added service of shipped chilled seaman (contact us for details).  With breeding we include a stud book (with all Gus's heath/registration/pedigree information, photos, breeding information and records),  availability of breeding books for research, a webpage devoted to your litter (where we list information, pedigree, and photos).  We also provide game-bird wings to start your puppies on scent for identifying those with natural talents, and giving them a head-start for hunting homes.  For more about our breeding program, please visit the INFORMATION PAGE, or to see examples of his offspring and the web pages we provide please visit the PUPPY PAGE.

Gus will bring great traits to your litter.  He is a calm indoor dog, well mannered kennel dog, quiet friendly traveling dog, and has always had exceptionally clean habits.  This coupled with his balanced muscular build and superior hunting talents makes the perfect package.  His stud fee is usually the first pick of litter, copies of our stud contract can be found in Gus's stud book.  The stud fee includes a live puppy guarantee, and support thru the whelping/homing process.

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